Pencil Topper

guess what? we have a special guest today with an ADORABLE little project! andrea from the train to crazy & heart& is here today! you are going to love her amazing sewing site & the site created for her daughters as they raise money to provide a home to a family in need through World Vision. thanks for stopping by today — enjoy!!

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Handmade valentines are so much sweeter than valentines with cartoon characters that line the pockets of large corporations. And what a wonderful way to introduce children to sewing! This tutorial for a DIY felt heart pencil topper would make a perfect gift for any classmate, teacher, or neighbor!

Pencil topper

First gather your supplies:

Valentine hearts-5971
Thread your needle and tie a double knot at the end of the thread.

Valentine hearts-5975
Start the needle in between the hearts so the knot will be hidden.

Valentine hearts-5977
Sew around the outside of the heart so that the needle always enters through the back of the heart and the floss wraps around the edge of the hearts.

Valentine hearts-5979
Finish the heart and hide the final knot between the two hearts again.

Valentine hearts-5990
That’s it! Easy enough for your grade schooler!

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