Organize Your Home

i am obsessed with organization! i have a VERY hard time resisting bins, baskets, buckets... ... i typically buy everything in 3's... for some reason i never think that 2 is enough and 4 is too many! so, here are some very simple organization things … [Read more...]

Budget Friendly Decorating

If you're like me, you spend waaayyy too much time poring over shelter mags, surfing your favorite decor blogs, and pinning away on Pinterest.  All in the name of inspiration for your home's spaces.  And if you're like me, many of those beautiful … [Read more...]

Take Back Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine's Day all about?  Do you know?  Something cooked up in the marketing departments of Hallmark, Hershey's and FTD?  Something about a Saint Valentine and a chubby little, winged baby with love-spreading arrows? What exactly are we … [Read more...]