Bed Sheet Curtain

please forgive me now — i was almost too excited to convert a once used flat sheet into a curtain that i didn’t take as many tutorial photos as necessary.

so, here’s my rad “after”:

so, what you’ll need:

a flat sheet / sewing machine / thread / scissors / about 20 minutes!

#1: hold the curtain up over the window and trim at least 1 foot from either the bottom or the side of the sheet. i cut 1 foot off of the bottom of mine as it was dragging on the ground considerably. {each window & sheet size will be different – be sure to measure before cutting}

#2: fold the piece of fabric in half and sew along the edge — so you’ll have a long strip of fabric with a folded edge. you’ll want to leave some extra thread and create a ruffle by pulling one of the pieces of thread OR use a ruffle effect on your sewing machine

#3: attach the ruffle to the edge of the sheet with the largest hem on the top {this will be used to attach to a curtain rod} with straight pins & sew

#4: cut a small slit at the edge of either side of the large hem

#5: slide it onto your curtain rod & enjoy!!

what do you think? simple enough.

i guarantee you will look at sheet sets in a completely different way. it is a TON of fabric for SOO cheap. i’m off to make the kids a puppet theater with a vintage floral sheet with plenty of ruffles & fun!

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