An Intro into Color Blocking. And a DIY

Hello again my lovelies!
I am SO happy to be back with more fashion fun! {If you haven’t read  my first post, you can find it here}
Today we will we be going “in depth” {as promised} into Color Blocking. I don’t know about you, but I am so excited about this trend!
Earlier this week, I was talking to a friend of mine about how it seems a lot of ladies really love the color blocking trend. I mean, what’s not to love!? The beautiful colors, the versatility, the creativity that can be expressed is just so SO fun. And of course, it looks fabulous.

BUT it’s not a trend a lot of us are actually wearing it! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!? In all seriousness though, it’s easy to understand why. The colors can scare a person who’s wardrobe in mostly neutrals and soft muted {ahem…safe} colors. Like what most of our wardrobes are like. And besides, wearing a lot of color is sure way to draw attention to ourselves, and THAT can be intimidating. And then there’s the whole…”what colors go together? when do I know I’m not clashing?” and so on, and so on. Well, today is the day ladies! We will break the shackles of our dull closet and embrace color! Or………….we’ll just learn to color block, whatever. {dramatic, much? LOL!}

I think one of the reasons we are so hesitant to try this trend, is because we tend to think this is the proper and only way to do it:
Pinned Image
Absolutely gorgeous. Striking. I mean, every single piece of her outfit (minus the bag) is a bold vibrant color. And she.looks.GREAT.  For most of us, however, that is just too much color. It’s way outside our comfort zone, and some people can’t just go from neutral to rainbow-hued overnight. They have to work up to it, warm to the idea. Get used to having so much color on them. And that, my friends, is very easy to do.

You don’t have to color block your entire outfit. You TOTALLY can if you want, all the more power to you. But you can start with an accessory, such a beautiful shoe, a handbag, or some jewelry. Incoroporating color in small bits is less intimidating, can have as much of an impact to your wardrobe and most importantly, a little often makes you want more!
Color Blocking!! maybe not for walking in the city...but love the color blockingPinned ImagePinned ImagePinned Image


If you want to do more then just accessorize and are ready to wear more color, but are still not sure how to match up hues, this next bit is for you.

There are  a TON of “pre” color-blocked options at almost every popular {easy to access} retailer right now. Much like the items above, these take the guess work right out of the trend and make it easy and fun to wear!

1. H&M   2. H&M   3.Old Navy   4. Forever 21   5.Forever 21   6. Forever 21   7. Old Navy   8. Old Navy   9.Target   10. Target   11. Kohl’s   12. Frock Candy (online store)

Sooo pretty, right? And, FYI, very affordable too! Best kind of fashion EVER.

You guys…there is so much more to talk about for color blocking! We haven’t even touched on what hues to pair or proportions. There is just never enough space to write all I want! LOL! So, I will be writing a follow up post on Tuesday, over at my blog Busily Spinning Momma if you want to come hang with me there. In the meantime, I want to show you one more piece of Color Blocking loveliness and show you an easy and frugal way to incorporate this trend in your closet NOW:

This BEAUTIFUL top used to be available at Anthropologie for the low low price of $48. Ummm…no. Not so low for this thrifty momma. And since the theme for April is “Green”, I am more than happy to show you my OWN “green” {aka, refashioned} version of this top made with two old tees, that you probable have lying around too.

Please ignore my weird pose. I DO NOT like pictures. 

You  like? If you want to make your own, I have a FULL picture tutorial HERE. It’s very easy to make and takes very little time. So, please feel free to stop by and make your own!

Thank you, lovelies, for hanging with me again. I will be back NEXT Friday with a post about NEONS! Ohhh, how I love my neons! I will “see” you then :)

For now, I hope you are having a beautiful Good Friday, surrounded with the ones you love, remembering the ONE who loved us first.

See you again soon, blessings and hugs…


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