Neon Love

Hello again friends!

Did ya miss me last week? I didn’t get to post, we were in the midst of a big move to a different server or something technical like that.

Anyway, today we’re going to talk NEON! Now, I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE neon, it’s so easy to incorporate and not as scary as it sounds! Unless, of course, you’re thinking of doing something like this:



THAT, my friends, is scary.

Neon is best in small doses. To add spunk and a little something unexpected to an outfit. Personally (and you may not agree) I think in the case of neon less definitively more.

Somethings that work perfectly in neon, which keep it modern, chic and pretty are:

Nail Polish:

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

I have that last one, Flip Flop Fantasy, and I can tell you, it’s soo much prettier in person! I’m wearing it in this post.



DIY Necklace from my blog: Busily Spinning Momma (click on pic for tute)

Via IHOD, for full tutorial, click pic




Via Green Weddings, DIY Neon Tip Shoes (click on pic)

VIA Love, Maegan (click on pic)

and of course, Handbags:


Via Just B (click pic...etc..)


Neon Purse from Aldo, available in Hot Pink too.

AND, an awesome bonus: neon is  SO EASY to DIY! Just look at all the DIY project above, purses, jewelry, bags and even shoes! And all you have to do is pick up some paint. No sewing, nothing fussy. Chic and affordable? Heck yeah!

Talk you all again next Friday! Have a great and neon-y weekend!

Taking out my neon paints, Dorian

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