Stove Top Donuts // Creating Childhood Memories

we made donuts. i immediately was taken back to childhood.

after spending 15 minutes on the phone with my sweet mommy i had enough direction & information to make the sweet & delicate bites of deliciousness that reminded me of saturday mornings in our old farmhouse in western NY where my parents raised us 4 children. on acres of land that hold many memories. open fields. blueberry patches. apple orchard. a stream with a rock bridge built with sweat and our own sweet hands in the middle of a hot summer day. my dad built us a small house with a loft that encouraged hours of our summer play. a circular garden just for me at the end of the horseshoe-shaped driveway that looped through the bushes and trees that my parents planted.

Cookware & Ingredients needed for Stove Top Donuts:

Large cast iron skillet or pot // Enough oil to add about 2 – 3 inches in the bottom of the pan // Refrigerated biscuits // Hand strainer // Apple corer // Paper bags // Powdered sugar, Cinnamon & Sugar

Simple, simple, simple! A few things — heat up the oil while you’re preparing the biscuits with the apple corer and then have about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to make several small batches of donuts, cool, toss in sugar & enjoy!

go make some donuts!! create memories with your kids!!


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