Children Sunglasses Sleeves

hello friends. welcome to monday. ready for a darling DIY to prepare your kids sunglasses for summer?

first off, let me say THANK YOU!! my lovely little Custom Candle Covers that I posted on 4/24/2012  have more than 1000 pins & repins over on Pinterest. for real?? oh my. yes, in shock. total amazement. REALLY?? if you haven’t already seen this quick & easy tutorial, check it out by clicking here!

secondly, my mom rocks. this weekend i have been purchasing, collecting, making & packaging her gift package for momma’s day. as we near mother’s day i wish i could be closer – we are currently living 3000 miles apart and have purchased tickets to spend 3 weeks with my parents this summer. she is my best friend. my go-to. she kept me healthy, safe, protected me. loved me. nurtured my talent. encouraged me to grow, learn, experience, share and love others. i am fairly certain that the inner part of my being, the heart & soul behind being a mom, a wife, a small business owner, a friend, a creative blogger are all because of her {& i will certainly credit my dad on this too!}. i am thankful and not sure i could ever express my thanksgivings to her.

Proverbs 31:28-29  Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:  “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”



now for a super simple DIY sunglasses sleeve tutorial
sewing level: basic

materials needed:

fabric scraps, sewing machine, scissors, pins, about 20 minutes!

** please note, this tutorial was put together while making both Jack & Abby’s sleeves so you’re going to get a mix of images. sorry for any confusion. please post or contact me with any questions you might have.**

step #1:  put your kiddos sunglasses on top of the fabric that has been folded in half, leave about 1 1/2 inches of fabric around the outside and get those scissors out. no major measuring done on this project.

ruffles are so much fun & really make Abby’s case special. i just quickly cut three strips of fabric, ran a straight stitch down the middle while gently tugging on the top thread to create an insta-ruffle. once pinned down to the sleeve, i ran another straight stitch down the middle and wa-la, ruffles!


so, what do you think? going to make a ruffly little case for your sweet pea or a handsome Spidey case for your little superhero? my kids love there sleeves… and not just for sunglasses. they can often be found holding matchbox cars, crayons and sometimes food!

here is Abby’s case along with the one i made for my sunglasses with the darling Bev from Flamingo Toes helping me out…

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