10 Home Decor Ideas

this past month we’ve been exploring the topic of “Treasures of Home” so i wanted to wrap up with my top 5 quick DIY home decor projects & then 5 more that i am inspired to add to our home!

Custom Candle Covers // DIY Frame Tray // Paint Your Curtain Rods!

Bed Sheet Curtain // Pallet Shelves

& here are 5 projects that i will add to our home in the next few months:

i have these and other projects pinned on Pinterest but the links below go straight to the original tutorial…

Chevron Rug // Paper Flowers // Sprocket Pillows

State Wall Decor // Ruffled Throw

i am truly inspired by the amazing women that wrote the DIY tutorials for these projects. please go stop by & check them out!

we have a new theme coming up next week — stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!!


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