Covered in Blood…and Fearless! {Guest Post by Brittany}

There I was, sitting in class, an awkward, pouffy banged, sixth grader. 

When all of the sudden I had the overwhelming urge to sneeze.

Ahhhhh Chooo!

As if the bellow of my sneeze wasn’t disturbing enough, I opened my eyes to gaze at the horror. 

For I had spewed blood all over myself and desk. 

It looked like the work of Picasso, ha! 

But before I could hear the uproar of laughter begin next to me, I bolted out of the classroom

I was mortified!


As I laughed my way through this story with my friend Mary the other day, she quickly informed me, “I so would have made fun of you in school!”

And that is what I was afraid of, ha!


I was SO fearful of what the other kids would say about or do to me. My life was over. I just knew it!

Seems silly right?

Oh how my over-dramatic, finite mind couldn’t see past that school year. Would you believe that you and I are often that awkward blood soaked teen?!

Yes, us.

Thankfully we are not literally covered in blood, but we are figuratively. In the blood of Jesus. If you are a sister in Christ this is true for you too. (I knew I looked good in red!)

Image courtesy and copyright of Brianna Lock.

We should be walking confident and fearless in Him. Instead there are moments we cower in fear at what the world will say or do if they find out. At least I know it’s been true of me. We have become a captive of fear and allowed the world to have power over us. What?!

Do we not remember this is all temporary?

Do we forget that we are daughters of the King?

Ladies, let’s break the chains and become free of a life of fear. We know how the story ends. Our side wins!

So let’s start acting like it!


“The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

Psalm 118:6 ESV

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