do not fear.. spray paint. a quick guide!

i love spray paint. quick, easy & cheap way to paint plastic, metal, wood & so much more!

i have spray painted numerous projects for a blog post here at Fancy Little Things and plenty more than i didn’t blog about {but have the project photos sitting somewhere on my computer!} you can find all of these projects HERE!

here’s a peek at a few of my favorite projects…

MatBoardSquare   FLTSilverButton   023    tray

5 tips to Spray Painting:

#1: choose your project – spray paint covers so many surfaces now, so be sure to read the fine details if your project works with the spray paint you pick out. my two faves: Krylon & Rust-Oleum!

#2: choose your location – the can will always recommend “well-ventilated” — just assume this really says, “outdoors, on a nice warm day, but NOT in the sun!” it’s true! this works the best for me.

TIP: for about $10 we keep a roll of Blue Hawk brand paper drop cloth on hand. we use it under all of our paint projects to protect my husband’s driveway and sidewalks! 😉 it’s very multi-purpose!

#3: prepare the surface – depending on whether you’re painting metal or plastic, you may need to just clean the surface with a household multi-purpose cleaner. i use warm soapy water and then let the item air dry before painting. for wood, you can use a fine sandpaper to rough up the surface. for more details, visit Krylon’s “Surface Preparation Guide”

#4: spray several thin coats – and don’t forget to let them dry between coats.

#5: let your project fully dry & enjoy! – and then prepare something else for paint because it’s kind of addicting!

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and now, you have no fear about Spray Paint. It’s fun, easy & CHEAP!

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