Friends & Family for L.I.F.E

Becky sat in her bathtub, her deep, full bathtub.  The Kenyan woman she had just read about in a magazine filled her mind.  This woman got up before dawn every morning.  She left her young family in the charge of the oldest, still practically a baby themselves, and began her 5 hour journey for water.  The water she would bring back would be dirty, and make her family sick.  She knew this, but she had no other options.  It would often be midday when she would get home.  All her energy would be spent, along with any time to tend to her garden, which had the potential to make money for her family if only she could have a surplus to sell.  The children were often sick, missing school and she’d watched countless woman in her village lose babies as the strain of this daily water gathering took the toll on them physically.

 The water began to drain from the tub.  Used bath water that was far cleaner than any water available to this Kenyan woman, just going down the drain.  How many countless gallons do we flush down drains everyday completely unaware of how blessed we are to have it?

Becky had been asking God “What now?” in her prayers.  Her children were grown.  Her parents were healthy.  And in that moment, He answered her.

1 Billion people are without access to clean water on this earth.

Every 20 seconds a child dies from the effects of drinking dirty water.

She could do something about this.  10 wells.  That was God’s vision for her.  To raise the money to fund & build 10 wells for those in need.

And that is how Becky started Friends & Family for L.I.F.E. (Living in Faith…Expecting). 

She did her research on Christian organizations involved in well construction in third world countries, and ended up partnering with World Hope International to build 10 wells in Zambia.  Each well costs $8,500 to fund and would supply an entire village with clean drinking water, along with an education program called WASH (Wells, Sanitation and Hygiene) to teach them how to maintain the well and basic steps for good sanitation and hygiene.

(Becky watching the sunrise with children during a medical mission trip to Kenya.  Becky is a nurse and her husband is a doctor so they have seen first hand the sickness caused by unclean water.)

The day after Thanksgiving will mark the one year anniversary of Friends & Family for LIFE.  So far, one well has been built, the second is funded and there are funds building for the third.

How?  Her plan for ‘how’ is spelled out in the acronym L.I.F.E.  Living in Faith…Expecting.  “It is exciting that this vision is bigger than me.  If I could handle it, I’d fret every detail.  Knowing it is bigger, I have to trust God.  He will work out the details.”  Becky started with her friends & family.  She created a Facebook page and a blog.  She could envision the ripple effect.  Her family tells their friends, her friends tell their family, and so on and so on.

(Head over to her blog to get subscribed by email and take a quick visit to her Facebook page to give her a “like”.  She is hoping to get to 100 likes by her anniversary just a few weeks away!)

Becky has also made great use of the gifts and talents God has given her.  She loves to write (she’s been a guest poster here on FancyLittleThings and will be back again next month!) and has a true skill in photography, especially with nature (which you’ll be seeing as we roll out the new FLT design in December!).  She used some of her beautiful photos to create a calendar.  Each calendar cost $14 and $8 of that money goes directly to the well projects.  You can contact Becky through her Facebook page or blog for information on getting one.

She took her circle of friends who play Euchre together and held a tournament.  She worked with her Mom, an avid feeder of large crowds, to host a spaghetti dinner.  She’ll be inviting her dancing friends to a special ballroom dance in April.  She used her contact with a local community college and is proposing a special challenge where students will compete with faculty to make a commitment to drink only water for 2 weeks, and all money they save as they forgo their sodas and coffees will be donated.

Whether it takes another year or another 20 years, Becky is committed to reaching the goal of 10 new wells.  And she knows God is with her all the way.

“Every gift to Friends & Family for L.I.F.E is really a gift to my faith.”

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