helloSTYLE | be fearless…..and be bold

for our final week of a month of fearless fashion, we’re going BOLD!

in my world, being bold is not unknown. i LOVE bright and bold. my wardrobe doesn’t include many neutral or muted tones. it’s just not how i roll. you’ll always know when i’m around, if it’s not my personality, it will be my clothes.

finding this cool scarf on pinterest, made me think that maybe i could get behind the infinity scarf craze. and seeings that i had a pink and white striped shirt that i didn’t have the guts to toss, it could be the perfect piece to take a risk on.

so i followed the simple instructions here and within 5 minutes i had a new scarf.

T-Shirt Scarf


only mine’s a bit bolder…just the way i like it.









outfit details:

jeans: super old boot cut from mossimo
white long sleeve tee: target
shoes: payless
tee turned scarf: found at kohl’s a couple years ago

what do you do to add BOLD to your outfits? it could be a simple accessory or even a pair of shoes that are a contrasting color. be bold this week. and remember to be comfortable. be you. and most importantly, be fearless.

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