The 72 Hour Club: What Changes are You Seeing?

Once again, I’m breaking from my planned topic.  The rain is starting to fall and winds are starting to blow here where I am in NY.  I have to say, I just can’t seem to stay focused on writing today as Hurricane Sandy is coming ashore and is bound to affect our area starting this evening.

So, instead of sharing my words, I’m sharing those from 72 Hour Club members!!

These are some of the shared comments from others who have taken the 72 Hour Club challenge, and I’d love to hear yours!!

Don’t know about this 72 Hour Club challenge?  Read more about it here.

Changes-Testimonials What changes, if any, are you beginning to see in your desire for sexual intimacy?  Is more regular attention to your sex life increasing your sexual desire?

 I actually initiate sex now. It’s kind of new for me. I long to be intimate with my husband at the end of the day, instead of dreading staying up for 30 – 45 minutes longer. My sexual desire is definitely increasing. 

Yes, I have seen this — before I was the girl that could go WEEKS without “needing” sex — and now, I really do want to have regular/consistent sex-sessions!

 I think it might be working against me…I find myself saying, “Has it been more than 72 hours…no? Great!”  Needing to work on my attitude. Ugh. 

One challenge for me is making sure I’m 100% involved in our sex life and not thinking about other things or my to-do list.  I think paying regular attention to our sex life is helping with this.

Regular attention to our sex life isn’t exactly what’s increasing my desire. The emotional connection my husband and I are creating is what drives me to want to have intimacy with him.


What changes, if any, are you beginning to see in your relationship with your husband outside of the bedroom?  Is more regular attention to your sex life positively affecting other areas of your relationship?

He seems much more in tune with our family dynamics, jumps up to take care of the kids, eager to help clean/pick up/do laundry/ finish his to-do list.  We have decided together that his bedroom sessions create a better environment for us all — and I love the benefits that I get in the bedroom too now.  I am really enjoying myself!

We are definitely seeing a deeper connection outside of the bedroom.  In fact, for us, it is very hard to get a date night (no family and no job), but my husband has been very eager to do this.  He is looking for a way for us to slip away after dinner this weekend just for an hour or so…and we are flirting more!

More sex = nicer husband!  We are more patient with each other when sex is regular.  We are more likely to work at communication when sexually satisfied!

Yes I think it is because I think it’s making me more loving toward him in general, easier to offer words of encouragement to him.

I am noticing the garbage is always taken out as well as other random chores being done.  Not that my husband is lazy, but he usually needs a little reminder . But not lately!   My husband is also more handsy….lol.  I have noticed he will surprise me with a back rub while I’m making dinner or just sitting on the couch. 


Are you a 72 Hour Club Member?  What changes are you noticing, both in yourself and in your relationship? 

Want to be in the club?  The commitment to making sexual intimacy in your marriage a priority by engaging in sex or other physical intimacy with your spouse at least once every 72 hours.



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