12 Tips for Great Nature Photos



    • BE READY!  Keep your camera charged and readily available.
    • KNOW YOUR SUBJECT and what they normally do.  For instance, birds like to eat.


    • DRAW THEM IN. I try to plant flowers that butterflies like, set out hummingbirds feeders. It fills my yard with opportunities.
    • SET THINGS UP to make it easy for them to do it near your house.  I set up a picturesque scene (Scarecrow, Snow man, boot) and add food.
    • KEEP AN EYE OUT to be ready to snap when they do.   I wait – they come – I shoot.


    • GET DOWN…or UP.  Try to get on the same level as your subject if possible, but at the same time play around with different angles.


    • CLOSE IN.  Don’t be afraid to get close up.  It might scare the live subjects, but it works great for plants or those who are less timid.

    • ISOLATE your subject so there isn’t a lot of distracting “stuff”.  You can set your camera on portrait and it will blur the back ground a bit.
    • KNOW YOUR CAMERA and what it can and can not do.  Exploit what it can do.
    • USE THE BEST LIGHT, which is the morning and evening light. It is warmer and casts fewer harsh shadows.

    • GAIN PERSPECTIVE to your setting by capturing a little something in the foreground, like a branch.
    • GET OFF CENTERED.  Don’t center your subject.  There is more eye appeal if it is 1/3 of the way off to a side and also top to bottom.  Look up the Rule of Thirds.
    • SNAP AWAY!  Take lots of pictures.  I delete at least 3/4 of what I take.  It’s how you learn.


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Julie Sancken

Julie Sancken

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Julie Sancken
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