7 Ways to Use Cake Stands

Cake stands.  Oh, how I love them.  I love collecting them.  I love using them for my party and dessert displays.  And I especially love finding new and fun ways to utilize them through out my home.

Get those Cake Stands out of your Cupboards and into your Home!

Original Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart

#1.  Clear up the Clutter in the Kitchen

Instead of using your cake stand to store or display delectable treats, why not use it to clear up the clutter?  Add commonly used oils and spices next to your stove or kitchen cleaning essentials next to the sink.  Great way to make those mundane items seem perfectly lovely.

Image Courtesy of http://www.natalme.com/dish-soap-cake-stand/

#2.  Table Centerpieces and Home Accents

Check out this gorgeous seasonally decorated 3-tiered cake stand.  For Fall, try adding mini pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves.

#3.  Bathroom Counters Need Love Too

Display pretty perfume bottles, cotton balls, nail polish, facial cleansers and other essentials.  Not only does it beautify your space, but it also clears your counters.

Image Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

#4.  Candle Displays

I love candles and always try to keep some spare pillars around.  Adding some pillar candles in varying heights to a cake stand and displaying on your coffee, dining, or entry table is a great way to put those candles and that cake stand to use.  You can also add some seasonal accents to dress it up like this from Centsational Girl.

Image Courtesy of Centsational Girl

5. Craft and Office Supplies can be Cute!

We all have them.  Pens, pencils, chalk, paint, needles and thread.  Display those small items together on a 2 or 3-tiered cake stand.  It’s perfectly organized and far better looking than a gallon size plastic bag stuffed in a box or drawer.

6.  Punch, anyone?

If you happen to have a cake stand with a dome, you might be fortunate enough to turn your stand and the dome upside down and create a great looking punch bowl.  You can even use these for chips and dip or a yummy dessert trifle.

7.  Cake Stand Coffee Station

Keep all your beloved coffee and tea items in one convenient spot for easy access on those early mornings.

Image Courtesy of MyStyleShare

So ladies, here’s to dusting off the cake stands and putting them to good use….without having to turn on the oven!! =)



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