A Chance to Have Pink Hair! {Guest Post by Brittany}

Today I’d really like to share with you something that I am EXTREMELY excited about! For the month of November I started the Pink Project.

As of today, a week into raising the money, we are already up to $550! Praise the Lord! But as you know the goal isn’t finished. So today I am challenging you, your friends, your grandma, and maybe your dog to give! It doesn’t take a ton of money to donate. How about you forgo on the Starbucks today? (I know, thems fightin’ words for me, ha!) Then you can take that $5 and send it to help free a woman in Ethiopia! Just think if everyone who reads this today does just that, we would reach our goal before the day is over.

But of course I’d like to make things a little more fun, so let’s through in a little raffle! For every $5 you donate today your name will be entered in a drawing for a Starbucks gift card! Yeah, you heard me! You may miss your coffee today, but tomorrow you could be sitting pretty with big gift card! There will be 2 up for grabs, so one winner will receive a $50 Starbucks gift card, and the other will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card!

How cool is that?!

Yes, raffles and pink hair make this all fun, but I want you to know it’s all about the women. Women fashioned after the image of God. Women stuck in the sex industry with NO way out. This is not the life God wanted for them. With just $400 one woman can be freed. That’s all. She will then have the opportunity to not only have a better life, but hear the Gospel. Guys she will have a chance to hear about Jesus.

I know this month at Fancy Little Things we are focusing on being molded by God. While I can tell you this journey to raise this money has brought me closer to Him as He reveals more of Himself to me, I can also say the He yearns to have a relationship with these ladies. They NEED a Savior, they NEED a Father, and they NEED Him to mold their lives and hearts. We can be apart of that. With the money we have raised thus far one woman is freed, but please consider donating today so we can free three more!
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