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All my Favorite Things from FLT
Molded by my blog
Just like Oprah and her favorite things, I have all my favorite things and I got them all from Fancy Little Things so you can have them too.  It’s like a great give away of free stuff.
 I made plans to write only about a workout for thanksgiving this week.  Well, since I’ve been overworked and overbooked I couldn’t write an entire blog about working out when I have only made time once last week to get in a workout.  So, I was thinking that realistically other women are in the same position.  We have to take care of so many things whether you are preparing your own Thanksgiving dinner, going to family’s house, or packing up the kids and traveling.   So, in our molded month of November, these are some things that have molded me over the last year from FLT.  I did include my workout and a super awesome recipe for breakfast!


     1.  DIY and the Kitchen:

Aimee and our in the kitchen authors have definitely inspired me to face my fears and try new recipes, foods, and food related projects.   I wrote about Mason Jar picnics with my tiramisu recipe last month.  This month I pulled a recipe from pinterest and tried it!!!!!  (gasp!)  I changed the ingredients to suit my family but gave it a try and it worked perfect.  Check out my breakfast mini egg muffins.

Mini Egg Muffins (5 ingredients)
  • Egg (8 eggs)
  • Cheese (favorite shredded cheese)
  • Chicken* substitute any meat or vegetable for all veggie option
  • Diced Tomato* substitute any vegetable
  • Salt and pepper


Spray the muffin tin with cooking spray.  Add the meat, vegetable, and cheese to the pan.  Crack the 8 eggs into a large glass bowl and whip.  Place whipped eggs into pan, covering the other ingredients.  Finish with salt and pepper.  Bake at 350 for approximately 20 minutes.



                2.  Marriage:

Danielle has definitely influenced me in regards to being a wife to my husband as a Christian woman.  I have been at a very low place in my marriage, where I was afraid that we wouldn’t make it.  It was Danielle that said give it to God.  I would say that I have changed and I have a new appreciation for my husband and my role in our family.  It may not be what I originally imaged it was going to be but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t what God intended.  I was resisting the change so much that once I embraced the change my marriage has improved.  It still needs love and time but giving it to God has taken us (me) down the right path.


               3.  Style:

Andrea and her awesome fashion posts inspired me to try color blocking!  I bought a yellow shirt and a blue sweater and wear them together!  Next, I want to try the artsy scarf with some cool flats.

                4.  Faith:

Totally ties into marriage and changes in life.  Everyone at FLT has amazing stories of faith that keep me focused and driven to contribute.  The authors here at FLT demonstrate how they are led by God to speak to women on all kinds of topics.


I found this awesome quote today by Carl Sandburg:   “life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep.”

Our faith is helping each of us through the various stages of life and molds who we become each and every day.



                5.  Healthy Self:

That’s me!  I am a realistic mom that strives to be healthy and happy and create a home with those traits.   So, I have my favorite leg workout for you!  You can do this anywhere, in any comfortable shoes and clothes.  Do it once, twice, three times.

Around the world!


stand with legs hip width apart, keep chest and head up, press your butt and hips back as you lower toward the ground, go as far as you comfortably can.  Do 20!

Plié squat

stand with legs wider than your hips and toes pointed out, squat down toward the floor, keeping your head and chest tall, it may help to reach your hands down to the floor and up overhead as you move. Do 20!

Narrow squat

stand with legs together, press your butt and hips back like you are sitting in a chair, go as far as comfortable.  Do 20!

Front lunge

stand with legs together in a normal and comfortable position.  Step forward, bending both legs, be sure to keep the front knee over the ankle (not the toe).  Do 20 and switch legs!

Back lunge

return to your normal standing position.  Step backward, bend both knees,  make sure the front leg goes straight down, not forward.  check your posture: stand tall with tight abs. Do 20 and switch legs!

Side lunge

stand with feet together.  step out with your right foot, squatting down toward the ground.  Your left leg with straighten as your right leg bends and lowers.  press your butt directly back and down then bring yourself back up to standing.  Repeat 20 times and switch legs!

 Be fit, have fun


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