a chalkboard printable. welcoming Christmas.

Christmas is here. less than 30 days away and the excitement in our home is increasing, lovely packages are being stored in the tops of closets, wish lists are growing daily on the fridge with precious fingers using ticonderoga #2 pencils to ensure that he and his sister have some say in their gifts. our tree will join the festivities next saturday and then decor switches from thanksgiving to Christ’s birth.

a mantel filled with my childhood nativity set. the tree adorned with our ornaments; 1 new one chosen each year. lights around the front door entry; requested by our children after seeing the neighbors lights up outside.

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// Jesus came into this world through a virgin birth. he lived. breathed. walked. preached. loved. healed. i love this verse in Luke; a gentle reminder of why we celebrate.



DIRECTIONS // click on the image and select print. frame it in a 8 1/2 x 11 frame {document size– you can pick one up for $1}  a lovely print to remind yourself… “the reason for the season.”

The sprig of holly, the banner and the twirls on the letters are all hand-drawn by me –>> please do not remove any of the elements from this print or claim them as your own.

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