fashion MYTHBUSTERS | episode 3


hello ladies! today we’re talking about 3 things: boots + black + tan

i picked up a pair of tan boots last weekend and i’ve been dying to wear them with something other than the typical browns and muted colors i’d normally pair them with. because apparently, black and tan are now a couple. do we call it blan? tack? juuuust kiddin’ around. i love them together and didn’t know it until i saw them walking hand-in-hand.

here are some outfits i have spotted recently:

one // what drew me to this outfit most was the simplicity. my wardrobe contains a lot of solids and i could see myself in this, even though i have always sworn that blacks and browns just don’t get worn in the same outfit. i have always used the two colors as separate neutrals. but it totally works, right!?!?! and i love how the scarf really pulls the boots in and gives the super cozy look of any good fall outfit. the same look can also be achieved with a chunky black necklace.



two // we all know that denim is god’s neutral. it literally goes with everything. so why am i so shocked to see it with a cream sweater and tan boots? maybe it’s the different tones of browns that tend to throw me off. i’ve always been very matchy-matchy. this outfit gives me the freedom that satisfies my rebellious side. add that amazing floral scarf and it’s a thousand times better.



three // oh, the button up denim shirt, how i love thee. this outfit is made entirely out of neutrals. black leggings, brown boots, denim top, white shirt and a cream scarf. what in the world is happening right now? it’s as if all the laws of fashion nature are being tested. and wow, uh, again, it totally works. i can imagine wearing my black skinnies with my tan boots, a white shirt under my dark denim jacket with a cream scarf over top. sounds like a perfect outfit for a visit to apple hill with the family.



four // this outfit makes me realize how badly i want a cream button-up tunic dress. i can imagine it going with sooo many things outside of fall-ish colors. this outfit also makes me happy to see that pairing another muted color as an accent isn’t a bad idea. so many options to be had with a piece like this.



five // black and white stripes with brown boots??? how is this happening? i think i have stared at this outfit on my pinterest board for hours, just wondering how something that’s not supposed to work, looks so amazing.



and here is one of my takes on pairing black with tan. what do you think? (sorry for the photo quality, i had to rush to take these after work and my normal photographer wasn’t home). i would never think of wearing this polka dot sweater with anything other than black and a bright accent color. but i’d say it worked! next time, i will brave the leggings instead of black skinnies. maybe.


thanks for reading folks, hope you can fins something different to wear this week. never be afraid to try something new!

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