helloSTYLE // wardrobe must-have // the navy sweater

ahhh, the navy blue sweater.

a bit mr. rogers-ish, maybe?

but it sure makes for one of those must-haves in your closet. maybe that’s why fred kept them handy for when he got home and changed into his sneakers.

here is how i’ve worn my navy blue target sweater for several different looks. >>


>> with blue jeans and a striped shirt for a nautical look. i used to think that you couldn’t wear nay tops with blue jeans, but breaking it up with an orange and white striped shirt makes it a-okay!



>> over a white summer dress with a high-waisted belt. don’t forget to scrunch up the sleeves if it’s a warm day! i’m wearing them here with little blue flats, but since it’s winter, you can totally throw on some brown boots and pull those sleeves down.


>> with jeans, a tee, chucks and a flower headband. make it casual. make it work for you. navy is so versatile.

20121112-183416.jpg    20121112-183428.jpg


>> over a shirt with detailing. if the sweater is simple, it will draw attention to the detailing. it’s hard to see but this top has white and yellow flowers. it adds a layer when it’s chilly in the office or if you don’t want to show your arms.



>> over a striped tee and wrapped with a belt and a flower sash. (yep, the same one i have in my hair up there^ in that other post.) wanna know how i made it? click here. i am also sporting some orange earrings i made from paperclips and embroidery floss.


>> over a print shirt that has a similar shade background. i used to think this was a no-no. too much blue on blue. but when i was being brave and actually tried it on, it made the flowers pop so much! i wore the belt inside the sweater and paired it with brown flares. you can’t really see them, but i wore pink flats that pulled from the pink in the flowers.


do you have a navy sweater? no? well use a grey or black one, or a brown or cream sweater. anything will work if you try something new. won’t you try it neighbor?

let me know how it goes!

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