helloSTYLE: what is God’s image?


welcome to november; where i am hopeful for a month of recognizing my blessings and staying comforted in the fact that i am not perfect.

and being perfect certainly isn’t what God expects from us.

genesis 5:1: When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God.

so tell me, what do you think God looks like?

do you think he looks like this?

Barbie   or   mesomorph body type   or   endomorph-body-type


probably not, right? and seriously, who does?

well, first off, he’s probably a dude…soooo i’m thinking he doesn’t look like beyonce. and we can all agree that he also doesn’t look like a dancer or barbie. so when he made us in His image, what did he mean? because after all, society sure makes us think we NEED to look like barbie or beyonce.

why do we do that to ourselves? why do we constantly try to mold ourselves into the model type or get down on ourselves for not being that. the “i don’t look as good as her” mentality can ruin a person.

but guess what…i have a secret for you…


and the truth is, he made us all different. different noses. different rear ends. different families. different styles. different body types. so then is His image, all of these different things? all rolled into one? or instead, is it meant that we are to be “like” him? ya know, with grace, patience, love, faith?

i think it’s both.

he made you how he made you. if  he made you bigger than you like, you can slim down, he won’t be offended.
if you are the thin type and you want to tone up, do it, it’s not conceited.
if you have something you don’t like, it’s up to you what you do with it.
you can let it consume you and rule your life, or you can turn it around for good. it’s totally up to you.

but don’t forget, as junior asparagus always says, “God made you special, and he loves you very much.”



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