Molded by Marriage

Our theme this month at FancyLittleThings has been “Molded by God”.  We were inspired by the God’s workmanship on this lil’ ol’ blog of ours.  He provided direction & vision, then a beautiful team of people to help us carry it out.  It is all culminating into the launch of our new FancyLittleThings on December 1st.  You can preview some of those changes by clicking over there —–>.  We will still have our blog, with a slew of amazing new authors, PLUS we will have all sorts of ways to connect with others – through forums, groups and directories!!

When I think of how God has molded me personally, there has been no means more used to achieve change in me than my marriage.

And truthfully, that is God’s main purpose for marriage…a tool to mold us to be more like His son, Jesus.




Sometimes rebuking.

Always forgiving.

When I think of the times I have felt most changed by God, it was through the difficulties in my marriage.





Learning to forgive.

What things might God be trying to teach you right now in your marriage?  Are you being moldable and letting the Potter create something beautiful with His hands?

Because the other option is hard, rigid and stiff…and those things are easily broken.




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