Shine like stars

This month we embrace a new home in the interwebs,

a new batch of eager authors and contributors,

and a new theme!


“…you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life.”

Philippians 2:15-16

The book of Philippians has always been special to me.  Penned while Paul was held captive in Rome, each word was inspired and brought to us through a weary but steadfast spirit.  The bold faith and direction Paul sends us from his time in captivity is nothing short of a miracle, and should be infused into our daily lives.

Because aren’t we living in a prison of sorts, today?

Our beliefs are too strong for society

Our faith is too questionable for schools

Our Christian hearts are too much for the norms of the world

Our works are criticized and judged

In our verse of the month, Paul tells us that if we hold tight to the word of life, just as stars shine in the dark universe, so shall we shine in a crooked and depraved generation.  Where we are right now is exactly the time Paul was referring to.  Our challenges, our struggles and our personal defeat when striving to be strong Christian women are just a few confirming clues of the dark world we are living in.  Though it is downright difficult to even want to let our little lights shine in tough moments, the darkness really is the optimal arena in which we will shine.

The “world” as defined in this verse; Greek word pronounced “kosmos”, represents the inhabitants, literally or figuratively, and the other adornments of the world.  Some concordances define this version of the world as the “ungodly body of men.”  This can easily include the people, their possessions and their morals.  Paul is telling us to be better than all of this and to shine against the evil around us.

This month, embrace the opportunity to shine like stars!

We can recognize our opportunities to do so each time we find ourselves feeling weak in our efforts to stay strong in the word.  It can be a friend or family member challenging your faith, a struggle to be Godly at work or school, even the urge to feel angry or defeated when your todo list becomes daunting.  Paul tells us in this same portion of Scripture to do everything without complaining or arguing.  Wow!  Such an incredibly difficult command to keep, yes, but it is in Him that we find hope to try to live that out!

  We can bring His love into every moment

by conforming to His word instead of the world.  


Let those lights shine, Ladies!

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