a bowtie to a bow bracelet!

i have this sweet boy named Jack. he’s 5. he does NOT like wearing bow ties. something about being too close to his neck he says! so we don’t button shirts all the way up and certainly never force a tie or bow tie {besides the photo above because i committed to cutting it up and he’d never have to wear it again! he complied with a smile on his cute little face… and gah! that little dimple!!}.

we have this Uncle Wesley that works at J.Crew and sends us sweet little packages every few months full of lovely things. including bow ties. so with my small collection i thought it was time i do a little something to my FAVORITE one!


1 – sweet little bow tie

2 – scissors & pins

3 – needle & thread (i use clear thread often – prevents me from having to match!)

yes. that’s it. almost too simple. now i will be scouring little boys accessories racks from now on looking for my next bow tie bracelet. what about you?


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