Christmas Candle Covers

ahh! the holidays are here. our tree went up this morning after rearranging some living room furniture & reminding myself it will only look crowded for 25 days — then everything will be back to normal again. for now — the big douglass fir is pouring a sweet woodsy scent throughout the house while the ocean breeze blows through the windows; we are missing NY today and the flurries.

// after unloading 1 1/2 bins of Christmas decor {according to my Instagram feed, i have about 8x LESS decor that those i follow –> we are minimalists i guess!} i realized my candle covers could use a little sprucing up from my DIY Candle Covers in April!

i purchased a few rolls of bright red & white stripes & polka dot paper from Ikea a few weeks ago.

// these are a piece of cake to make. just grab some mod podge, a foam brush, your favorite holiday paper & a pair of scissors!

// brush on a thin layer of mod podge to the backside of the paper and gentle roll it on the candle

{DISCLAIMER: do not burn your candle — this is for decor-purpose ONLY!}


another quick candle cover project includes washi tape

— as inspired by this post from Trendenser thanks to Pinterest!

// i have a huge collection of tea lights and an unnecessary collection of washi tape… combined, they look lovely!


// do you have any quick Christmas DIY’s this holiday season?

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