Christmas Devotional: Week 3 Wrapup



This week was all about action!


  • We read of the first to hear of Jesus’ birth; the shepherds.  Though they may seem to be the most unlikely to be chosen, they clearly possessed the character traits the Lord wanted to share the news.
  • We read of their instruction to look for their King in a manger.  The Lord still gives us nudges to move to the most interesting and unlikely places for our messages!
  • We gained awareness of the multitude of angels supporting the Lord’s call to go.  Our days are filled with signs that the Lord is working in our favor and wants the best for us, and we would be seriously missing out if we did not realize just how jealous He is for us.
  • We were shown the perfect response to a call from the Lord: to GO.  When He says move, we should do just that and nothing less.  Even though it is scary or seems unlikely, if it’s the Lord’s voice and conviction, the risk is always going to be worth it!
  • We were reminded of the hope we should carry as Christians.  We should set an example of waiting confidently in expectation of what He has promised He will do!

It is certainly tough being a believer of things unseen.  There is no doubt that it gives us a form of discomfort at times, and pure exhilaration at others.  The joy of the Lord should move us deep in our spirit, prompting us to be aware of these feelings, and helping us to sort through them properly.  He knows we are human and will worry and wonder and even question, but we are made in His image and He knows He has a direct line to our core, via the Holy Spirit.


Which day spoke most to you about your action as a Christian?


Did you discover you are a shepherd?


Are you skeptical of where your destiny lies?


Are you unaware of the angels supporting your journey?


Do you hesitate to GO and share the Gospel?


Do you need a booster shot of hope?


Whatever day pressed on your heart the most, lay it at His feet and give any worries to Him.  He can and will bind them up and build them into something beautiful.  We should all be courageous and active women of God!

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