DIY: Book Page Memo Board

It’s Christmas Eve!!

…It is Christmas Eve…

Are you looking for a last minute gift that isn’t the usual lotions and sprays?

I like to keep a box of gifts in my closet just in case I don’t have time before a party or an unexpected guest comes to Christmas.

I hate to have someone feel left out. The best part is that each gift is handmade and I put a lot of thought and care into each gift.

Today I’ll show you one of the gifts I keep on hand.

You can make these in any and every size.
It is a completely customizable dry erase board.
For this board I used a 5×7 frame.

Rip your book pages into 1 inch pieces.
Apply a small amount of Mod Podge directly to the frame. Make sure to apply the Mod Podge to the sides of the frame as well. Wrap the paper around the edges adding more glue as you go.
*note* When decoupaging with book pages make sure you know the book you are using. I have found out the hard way that not all books at the book store have PG content…
You will want to let your frame dry completely. I set mine out on the counter overnight.
When you are sure the Mod Podge is dry cover the ENTIRE frame with a light layer of more Mod Podge.
This will create a “top coat”.
Smooth the corner pieces with your fingers to create nice, round edges.
Measure and cut your scrap book paper to fit the frame.
Keep in mind that it may be hard to read if you use dark paper.
Put the frame back together as if the scrapbook page is a photo.
Add a dry erase marker, a small cloth and a few <interchangeable backgrounds. 
You can use these as score boards on family game night, a grocery list, a message board, etc.
Happy Holidays from the Slocums!!
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