DIY–Button Stud Earrings

I don’t wear much jewelry, but when I do, it’s earrings.  I love earrings, especially ones that are a little different.  The great thing about this project is that the sky’s the limit to all the wonderful button earrings you can make.  Also, it’s a quick project for yourself or a friend, and I don’t always have hours to spend on projects.  Here’s one you can literally finish in a few minutes!
You will need two buttons (they don’t even have to match!), a glue gun (or regular craft glue if you have more patience than me), two earring backs (found at craft stores), and a needle and thread.




It took me longer to choose which buttons to use than it did to finish the project!




There are way too many awesome buttons out there.  If you don’t have a button collection, you can buy some.  Better yet, raid your catch-all drawers and there’s bound to be a few envelopes of buttons in there from clothing you’ve purchased.



I finally decided on a bronzy-brown color, because it goes with a lot of what I wear.  I’m a neutral gal.



Find some thread.  Mine matched, but you could do some contrasting thread for a pop of color too.



Thread your needle and using a tiny dab of glue, glue the knotted end of the thread to the middle of the button.  Bring the thread through the buttonholes in whatever fashion you prefer; I made an X with the thread.  Thread through a few times so you have a nice noticeable thread in your buttonholes.



 Snip the end of the thread.  Place a dab of glue onto the earring back and, being sure to catch ends of thread underneath, press earring back firmly onto the button.  Repeat steps with other button.



There you have it!  The creative possibilities are endless here!  You could stack two or three buttons and glue them all together, you could stack and stagger buttons so they look like dangly earrings…Have fun!!!




I am a Midwestern girl living in Central California for a year with my husband who is an intern pastor at a Lutheran church. We have been happily married since 2007 and have moved four times in the past five years; we’re moving again at the end of next summer! In my free time I sew, draw, thrift, cook, watch movies and read. I love the Lord and always try to follow His will for my life. It’s been an adventure so far!

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