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today’s post should be titled: business on the outside, party underneath. but unlike the mullet, this style won’t embarrass you in 20 years. at least we can hope, right?

so who says you have to be ALL business ALL the time? Or even ALL business in one business outfit?
well i’m here to BUST through another fashion myth….you can ROCK a business/casual look and still take care of business.



pieces you’ll need to ROCK this outfit:

casual blazer (striped or solid or any pattern really)
vintage/graphic tee
skinny jeans
one rockin’ accessory

i actually wore this to work on a friday, which included our office christmas lunch and a client meeting.
now, this client is up in the hills, a bunch of really cool and casual tool guys, so jeans were okay. i would normally NEVER wear jeans to see a client, but i made an exception for this day.

see how the tee peeks out just a bit? just enough for some fun.



i added a solid tee underneath just to add another punch of color.



i wore my hair in a high pony and even added a band to pull it back. cute and casual. my red button earrings and a red and metal ring added a bit of rockstar retro.





and when you open it up, it’s all rock & roll (rolling stones to be exact).




and that, my friends, is your ultimate business/casual ensemble.

hope you can find a fun way to mix the two from something in your wardrobe.




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