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happy tuesday!

i want to take care of a couple business items and then we’ll chat about some fashion, m’kay?

soooooo…what do you think about the new FLT? isn’t it just gorgeous? the team did such an amazing job behind the scenes to make this all happen. this is really a fun transformation of not only the look and feel, but the intent and purpose of our little space. it truly is a community for girlfriends.

and with the format changes and new authors, i will be posting only twice a month starting in december. i’m really looking forward to reading more from the new ladies here and also getting a bloggy break every other week. :)

please help me welcome all the new fancy little faces! and this month’s theme + verse!

“you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life.” phillipians 2:15b-16

we talk a lot about clothes and accessories here. and we chat about dressing well and modestly. it’s not to be vain or full of ourselves, it’s to shine like stars. whether that means in how we talk, how we act, or how we dress. we all have a voice and we should allow it to shine brightly!

and since this is a fashion post, we’re talking about a trend that can really make your outfit shine: boot socks.

apparently, layering isn’t just for shirts anymore.



pull up those long socks (we all have them) and add a layer of color.



this pair i’m wearing are striped with browns, teals, pinks and limes. they go great with this teal top, but can be worn with a ton of other colors.



add a cute knit hat and you’re ready for a winter day out.



now go on, strap on your socks + boots and add a pop to your outfit while staying warm. go and shine!

and if you don’t have any cool socks, check out target for a good selection, pinterest for a ton of ideas, or etsy for cute and custom designs.


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