Star Core Workout

Star Core Workout

Working out your core can be the worst workout ever; crunch after crunch after crunch!  I have come up with some moves that will strengthen your core and reminded me of stars; fun right?!   Remember that core strength is not just your abs.  Your core references all your muscles connected to your spine.  So, I included some arm and leg moves too!   I think you’ll really like it if you give it a try.

equipment needed:
  • mat
  • resistance tube



  • Star jump

Squat down and as you stand; explode yourself up; jump into the air and spread your arms and legs away from you; as you land bring your legs together and repeat.  For lower impact do not jump but bring your limbs out like a star.   Start with 5!

  • Star arms

Using a resistance tube stand with your left foot on the tube giving plenty of tube for you to work with; place the handle in your right hand; reach your right hand down toward your left hip; pull up and across your body reaching overhead.  Do 10 and switch sides!

  • Star butt

On the floor or mat, get down on your hands and knees; lift your right leg straight up; you will make a star shape move with your leg; start down from right to left then lift up to the right over to the left and down to the right to repeat.  Do 5 in one direction then switch directions!  THEN, switch legs!  A total of 10 reps for each leg.

  • Star obliques

Lay on your back with legs out straight and apart; bring your arms overhead and outstretched like your making a star or snow angel!    Crunch up and bring your right arm and left leg up and to the center; return to your outstretched position; crunch up with the opposite arm and leg; repeat to 10 reps.

  • Star abs with pike

From the outstretched position (like your snow angel position) lift your arms and legs into the piked position. (like boat pose in yoga; balance on your butt bone)  Hold yourself in the piked position for a count of 3; return yourself to the star position; 10 reps!


be fit, have fun


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