Taking Great Christmas Card Photos


Christmas cards are something I look forward to every year! I love sending an updated family photo to family and friends! But getting just the right photo can be quite a task. SO– I want to share with you my tips on getting a great photo to use for your holiday cards.


Find a GOOD photographer. Someone you love. Who will capture what you envision. Who makes taking photos effortless. I have a dear friend who runs her own amazing photography business, and she takes our family photo every year. My kids know that if we go to Laura’s, that probably means there are pictures coming at some point–even if it’s just a play date! But they are comfortable with her, and that made our pictures a snap this fall.  IF this is not something that is feasible, proceed to the next tip!


Use your OWN camera and get a tripod. Camera tripods are generally inexpensive and easy to use! You can set the timer on the camera or invest in a shutter remote for your DSLR. WELL worth it if a photographer isn’t in your budget OR timeframe! Even better, have a family member or friend use your camera FOR you!


If you have kids, take the photo during a time that is good for THEM. If your kiddos are on any type of schedule, make sure to plan your photo shoot for a time that is best so that meltdowns are minimal. If mornings are best, go with it! If you get up one morning and your kids aren’t feeling the best? Don’t push it. Do what’s best for them–and the result will be worth it!


Get creative! Find some fun props or a fun location (Christmas tree farm, orchard, cool downtown alleys) and have FUN. Sometimes candid shots are the best–and don’t be afraid to step slightly outside your comfort zone!  Even photos done in your own home can be unique–like a pillow fight, family game night, or out front of your home with your yard decorations.

No matter HOW you go about getting your family together for a photo– have fun! And remember, the true reason for the season is Him.

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