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My favorite part of the new, bigger and better, FancyLittleThings has been meeting some amazing new women!  Our author team has expanded with more regularly contributing authors, new topics and lots of invitations to be guests.

And there is one very important thing we all have in common, it works as the “glue” of our FLT blog family….our love for Jesus and our passion to spread His message out into the world!!

Let’s face it.  With all that our cultures puts into Christmas — the shopping, the parties, the menus, the just-so decorations and wrappings — it can be easy to get caught up in all that and forget what Christmas is all about!  And like our December theme with its corresponding scripture verse, we want to be a shining star into your life today as we hold out the word of life!

I want to share some of these amazing ladies with you today, both our returning FLT authors and those who are just joining the team, so I asked each of them for two things…a fun Christmas photo and an answer to the question, “What does your family do to keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas celebration?”



Candace – {Entertaining} Author

I do my best to not make things like decorations and gifts “perfect” because it ends up stealing my joy focusing so much on the aesthetics. And I try to say His name, “Jesus,” out loud a few more times a day. Sounds strange, but keeping His name on my mind and tongue helps keeps my heart tender in those moments of pure insanity!  

Come visit Candace every other Saturday as she shares hospitality tips & recipes in our {Entertaining} section!

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Ashley – {Free from Gluten} Author

My husband and I like to keep gift-giving at a minimum & try to go handmade whenever possible, to make room for more Jesus praising & people loving at Christmas-time!
Get to know Ashley as she visits every other month under our NEW {Free from Gluten} topic area!
You can also visit her at

Julie – {Picture This} Author

We keep Jesus at the center of our Christmas celebrations by stepping back from the busyness and enjoying fellowship with others. As our kids get older, I hope this entails reading the Christmas story out of the Bible.  It’s something I look forward to!

 One of our fantastic returning authors, you can share in Julie’s passion for photography every other Wednesday in our {Picture This} topic.

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Karissa – {Gotta Have Faith} Author

My husband and I do an advent calendar every year, which helps us focus on the Biblical story and significance of Jesus. We never miss church around the holidays, stay peaceful, and remember the reason for the season.

Karissa is a newbie here at FLT and you’ll be able to check out her first post this coming Saturday and she’ll be back each month!!

In the meantime, you can meet her here:


Danielle – {Marriage Matters} Author

We teach our boys that we give at Christmas, because we were given the ultimate gift in Jesus.  We teach them the gift of giving by – having them each choose 10 toys to give away at the start of the Christmas season, taking them shopping to buy something for their brothers and taking them out in town to do “random acts of kindness” that have included making donations to the food bank and handing out cash to large families at our local stores.

Yep, its me!  I’ll still be authoring in {Marriage Matters} twice a month, along with some new guests!  I’m also kicking off a new “72 Hour Club” Gal Group in January, so check it out!


Kate – {Woman vs. Kitchen} Author

We very simply make the most of every teachable moment!  The Christmas season (even the commercial Christmas season) is BURSTING with opportunities to celebrate Jesus.  Keeping Jesus at the center of Christmas is the same as keeping Him at the center of the rest of the year – we love God, love people, and take every opportunity to share that with our kids (with our words, not just our actions)! 

Kate didn’t just join the team, she inspired a whole new topic.  She’ll have you laughing at her blunders while giving you easy meal ideas for those of us who “hate cooking!”

Learn more about Kate at her blog,


Kristen – {Free from Gluten} Author

First, I have three nativity sets that I put up – one of them is a plastic Fisher-Price set that goes right under the tree.  The kids can play with it and it reminds us of the focus – especially with it placed right where gifts go!  Second, we watch the movie “The Nativity Story” as a family and talk/read about Jesus’ birth.  Third, we usually just get each child three gifts.  (Sort-of to represent the three gifts the wise men brought.)  One gift is always a meaningful book.

Kristen is a returning author for us and was the first to contribute gluten-free recipes that has inspired an entire topic series for us!  Check her out each month on Thursdays!

And read more about Kristen at


Aimee – {DIY Projects} Author

We keep Jesus the center of our Christmas by speaking daily about Jesus’ birth & life as well as giving to those in need in our community and shopping the Compassion magazine. Our nativity set along with the kids Fisher Price nativity that sits around our home is a focus of many of these discussions. We do not encourage conversation about Santa, the Elf or other characters that are common this time of year.

FLT began in the creative & inspired mind of Aimee!  Can we just give her a round of applause for this beautiful new site design?!  Her DIY projects are up every other Monday.

She recently started a blog with her husband at


Ally – {Gotta Have Faith} Author

As Christmas approaches, we’re reading from the beginning of the Jesus Storybook Bible, through to Jesus’ birth on Christmas morning.  This has sparked great conversations about Christ, how His birth has changed our lives forever, and how we can share the joy and hope of His birth with others.

Welcome Ally as a new author to our {Gotta Have Faith} topic are where she’ll be sharing monthly!

You can hear more from Ally on her blog at


Andrea – {helloSTYLE} Author

This year, to keep the birth of Jesus as the focus of our Christmas, we will be giving our two boys only 3 gifts. They will be thrilled to be getting anything other than gold, frankincense or myrrh. :-)

Andrea is our resident fashion gal, and she inspires & challenges us every other Tuesday in our {helloSTYLE} topic!

Catch up on Andrea’s posts, especially her fantastic MYTHBUSTER series, and hear even more from her at! (And let me tell you.  She is one retro, hip Mama!)


Krissy – {Gotta Have Faith} Author

It’s simple – Jesus is the reason for the season! We celebrate Him daily, and as we enter the Holiday season we explain to our little one’s, who LOVE birthdays, that we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday!  We are starting a new tradition this year – we are making special birthday cards for Jesus that we will read on Christmas morning together as a family.

Krissy is new to the team and shared her first post at FLT this past Saturday.

Go catch a glimpse of her beautiful journey there and get to know her even more at


And this is just some of the ladies that make up FLT!

We’ll be adding them on to our {Meet Our Authors} page as we progress so check back frequently!

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