5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Update Your Winter 2013 Look

Here’s my 5 favorite ways to update your winter 2013 look:

flt winter 2013 cheap and easy trends

1. Patterned Pants & Leggings –  ALL the rage right now.  I recently got two pairs from Target, {animal print & black/white stripes} both on clearance in the $7-$8 range.  And these little babies aren’t just for the super thin.  I’m a 10 & feel fabulous in them.


2. Leather Jeggings – I scored a pair from WalMart last year on clearance for $3.  Yep, you read that right.  Most people pair leather jeggings with heels.  Don’t let that scare you!  I wear mine with long sweaters & knee-high boots, or with flats like below.

Just because you see a model wearing a trend a certain way does not mean you have to follow suit.  My feet absolutely HATE wearing heels.  I do so sparingly, choosing to make each trend fit my life not the other way around.  Fear not the leather, Dahling.


3. Decorative Nail Art is sizzling hot at the moment.  I adore Sally Hansen’s Salon Nail Effects Nail Strips.  {Review + Tutorial here}  Look, I’m a full-time working Mama of 2 tireless boys, I barely have time or energy for a clear top coat.  If I really want to gussy up my nails I go straight to the source for an easy $7 manicure.  I LOVE them.  They last for at least 5-7 days & come off easy enough.

4. Fuzzy, floopy, poofy winter-weather ready boot – My hubby bought me the pair on the top right on clearance from Target for my recent birthday.  I hate to be such a commercial for Target but they have so many of these boots on sale.  They are absolutely FAB with the patterned leggings or leather jeggings I just mentioned above.  Trust me.  Fab, Dahling.  Fab.

5. Peplum is also a huge trend right now.  Peplum coats, shirts, dresses. One pep, pep, peplum & your off to a trendy winter.

Tell me, what of these trends have you tried & loved?  If not, what are you waiting for?! =)

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