be brand new

Ahh the new year. The holidays are over and now it’s time to make those resolutions.

Do you…
join a gym
eat only organic
give up sweets
go on a fast
resolve to call your mother every day
love on your husband more
complain less

Each year we commit to bettering ourselves in the upcoming year.

But tell me this: what about Jesus? I’ve challenged myself and my peers here on Fancy Little Things to make a resolution for Him. Each Monday this month you’ll see what some of them have resolved to commit to.

I’ll start: I, Nicole, resolve to spend more time just talking with Jesus. Not asking for anything, not because I want or need something or direction… but just talking. Just getting to know Him better.

Aimee resolves to connect wholly. be intentional. committed to walking through a Beth Moore study with 3 sweet faith-filled friends that honor God with their all; to be purposeful. to be accountable. to spend this year walking with Jesus. to have footprints next to His; learning. growing. honoring. worshipping. teach our sweet little children about truth & light & hope & faith. to grow their desire to be thirsty for more Jesus —->> by setting the example. opening the Word. listing Thanksgivings.

And Kristen‘s goal is to keep Jesus front and center in my life moving into 2013 is to commit each day to spending time with Him and in His word.  To get myself more organized because at the end of the day one of my biggest obstacles in spending time with Him each day are all of the crazy “unforeseen” things that come up due to a lack of organization on my part.  With two toddlers, staying organized can be a challenge which is why I am making it a major goal for 2013.

Join us! What are your resolutions for Jesus?


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