Happy to Hoop

I have added to my summer to do list: attend hoola hoop fitness classes!  I have been so inspired with God’s love just from researching what a few women have done with hoola hoops!


After reading a brief article from a fitness journal; I had a sense that hooping is quickly spreading  nation-wide.  I have a little insight in hoop fitness because I see hoopers at my local Saturday morning market in St. Petersburg, FL.

Abby Albaum is from St. Petersburg/Tampa and is one of the two people in the country that are certified to teach and train others on Hoola fitness.  Her program is called Hoola Fit!  But this is just the beginning of something amazing.  Not only does she travel the country hoola dancing; teaching and training but also has a mission and vision for childrens’ fitness.


I bet you didn’t know that hoola hooping goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks?!  It has come a long way to become today’s modern hoop dance.  There are so many excellent benefits to hoop dance and hoop fitness.

  • Increase balance
  • Increase coordination
  • Improved core strength
  • Improved total body strength
  • Burn 420 calories an hour


Hooping is now offered nation-wide  in most populated areas and you can find a class near you using the hoopcity.ca website.  Abby is a self-taught hoop dancer and loves teaching others to hoop.  She has worked to create a program to teach other too.  So, if you can’t find a class in your area; it’s only a matter of time before more people are hoop certified!  Thanks to Abby!

Hoola fitness is for anyone.

There is very little investment; time and a class fee.   If you try it and love it you can get a custom hoop for yourself for about $30.

Hoola classes can be structured to give various types of workouts.

  • Cardio
  • Core conditioning
  • Strength training
  • Circuit training


We definitely have a problem in our nation with childhood obesity.  Fitness experts agree that when exercise feels more like play, then the likelihood of “sticking with it” increases exponentially.   Hoop fitness burns 420 calories an hour.  I love that Abby’s mission involves teaching children hooping!  She is currently producing a children’s fitness DVD to teach children how to play through hoop dance.  It’s not just for kids though; parents will love it too.

I want to share Abby’s website where you can read more about her mission and journey.  Watch her video and please consider supporting her with a gift.


Well, there’s more to this hoola hooping!

Hoola for Happiness

I went to this website to check out how one amazing woman has taken hoola hoops as her tool for missioning to children and adults all over the world!
When I watched her videos, I felt like I could see God’s love and happiness in the smiles of the children.  The founder of Hoola for Happiness is Carissa Caricato from Tampa, FL.
Please visit the site, watch the video and feel and see God’s work!  You can give a donation to help Carissa reach others through hooping also.
Video about Hoola for Happiness: Hoola for Happiness all over the World

I feel strongly about fitness being fun and involving play.   I want parents to exercise with their children so they can teach them through action and play together.  I hope that you are inspired to try hoop dance,  or read about hooping, or feel lead my God to give to others so that they can help



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