Healthy Eating On A Budget

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I’m Kimberly and I blog @ This Healthy Endeavor 

Recently, I started going on a $20 a week grocery budget. Extreme needless to say, but conviction came to me and how wasteful I was being with the money I had been blessed. But that’s a completely different post.

So how do I still eat healthy while on such a strict budget??

1. Keep stock of low budget but healthy staples (see below)

I always make sure to have these and plenty of them. I seriously think I have about six sweet potatoes in my fridge right now and I will probably eat all of them before the week is over.

2. Check your inventory. I always look at what I have first then think about what I need. I’m known for buying something then forgetting I have it for weeks. Special surprise??

3. Check the ads. After I see what I have, I check to see what’s on sale and what looks good.

4. Coupons. Yes. Coupons and I’m not an extreme couponer but a couple a week do help. I typically use the electronic version for my super markets.

5. Menu plan, menu plan, menu plan. After seeing what you have, what’s on sale, and what you have a coupon for plan your menu around that. Be open to try new recipes and expand your recipes.

Other helpful tips:

I buy fresh fruit and chop it up to make my own smoothies. For the price of about two smoothies you can make about 6-8…that’s a huge savings! Plus you don’t risk it being a sugar overload.

Frozen vegetables are awesome! A lot of times Kroger (a super market where I live) has them on sale for $1 a bag and I stock up! Some of my favorites are broccoli, brussels sprouts, pepper/onion mix and cauliflower.

Try not to waste anything. If I’m getting tired of a dish I freeze it and save it for later. Better yet save it in individual bags/containers and you can have lunch ready for a jam packed morning one day.
Here’s to healthy, budget friendly eating! If I can do it, you can too!

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