We Are More Than A Diet

New Years.


It’s a time of year where people suddenly get the urge to change themselves. A complete revamping. And I’ll be honest with you I can fall into this trap. Even now I still do. It’s hard not to when the culture around us is wired to. With advertisements over the internet, corny infomercials on television, and friends talking about their plans for bikini body 2013. I have big dreams for this year. Yes, confidently wearing a swimsuit is one of them, running my best half marathon times another, and slipping into smaller jeans. I have stereotypical resolutions.


But can I ask you a question…it’s kind of personal…


How many of you all have been on a “diet”?


I think every year since I got called fat in elementary school I have been on a diet. I’d be on one, lose the weight, stop then gain it back. Cycle back again…..and again….and again…and well again….

Personally, I think diet is a ugly word.  I mean c’mon it has the word DIE in it. Who wants to do something that has death a practical root. But sadly,it’s a word we will be seeing forever. Because people feel they have to “diet” in order to lose weight. People feel they have to cut out certain food groups, eliminate all bad foods, and restrict, restrict, restrict. Only so many calories, only so many fat grams, carbs…don’t even get me started on carbs.

Does this remind you of anything else? It reminds me of following the law, not living on faith.

Do this, not that. Can’t have that. How dare you eat that cupcake….you food sinner you!!

Life is more than law..it’s about living even when it comes to the food choices we make.


I know that each day is a new day and every day I will still struggle. My struggles are a cross to bear and to use for His glory. I know that He is not done with me yet.


Just check out the verse below.



Meditate on that {it’s our verse of the month…get used to seeing it around}


He is CONTINUALLY working in you my dear sister! Don’t give up on yourself, He is not! Be confident in who you are in Christ that He means what He says here.


You are not done.


Don’t ever settle in your life. Every day wake up and thank Him and pray for guidance of how He wants to work with you that day. Think big picture but live moment to moment.


Just because you ate ice cream, a burrito, a cupcake does not mean it’s over. How many times do we possess that mentality? I know I do. Oh I ate that, I’ll start eating healthy again tomorrow. I’m writing you this as a sister, friend, fellow person with this issue. Each day I strive to overcome. But I know in the end God is working beautiful things through this.


So will you take this pledge with me. Print it. Sign it. Put it on your fridge.

Because, we are more than a diet.

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