Why We Love {February Theme with Free Printable}

Love is a hot topic this month.  Valentine’s Day shines the spotlight on romantic love.  We’ll be hearing a lot about it on TV, radio, magazines, blogs.

And you’ll be hearing about it here at FancyLittleThings too!

But, what we hope to offer you over here, different from what you might be hearing about love everywhere else, certainly different than what you’ll hear in mainstream media giving the culturally-saturated & skewed views of love….

…is love from God’s perspective.  The love written about in the Bible.  The love that has different forms besides romantic feelings.  The love that is given as a gift, acted out as a verb, obeyed as a command, from the source of love, the One who loves us and whose love becomes the answer to “WHY WE LOVE”.


Dear Friends, will you join us this month as we let this concept of why we love and the answer God provides in 1 John 4:11 inspire us?

God’s love is the “why”, so to help you stay focus on God’s love this month, here is a free printable thanks to our talented FLT Admin & DIY Author, Aimee! This is sized to be printed as a 5×7, so grab an extra frame from your stash and set this somewhere to remind the whole family of “why we love” this month!


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