Bringing a Still to Life {Part 1}

We all have objects, collections even, that mean something to us. Inanimate objects that have some sort of story behind them.

A vase that was your grandmother’s.

A clock that was in your parents house.

A collection of figurines.

For me? It’s my dust on my furniture  scarves. If you know me at all, you know I have a thing for scarves. We reorganized our master closet, and I counted them all — 29. That definitely counts as a collection.

But how are they displayed? Right now– they are residing in a basket, waiting on the finishing touches in our closet– then they will hang on a rod. For the photo above, I laid out a few and snapped a few photos. Different colors, textures–it is almost pretty enough to frame!

Is there something from your parent’s house or grandparents house that  you love, but can’t make your own? Snap a few photos of it, and get creative on displaying it in your OWN home!

Here is an example (found on Pinterest) of an inanimate object that would be beautiful framed as an art piece.

Source: via Cecilia on Pinterest


Stunning right? And what a fun way to add your OWN personality to your home or workspace–by photographing your favorite objects and turning them into art!

It could be ANYTHING— a photo of a coffee mug framed to hang in your kitchen, photos of your kids artwork placed in a collage in their play area, or even landscape/nature photography for other rooms in your home!

In two weeks, I will show you how to use photos of your collections/objects to add personality to your online space. In the meantime, what are some other ideas you have for your own home?





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