helloSTYLE // loving patterns

“dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 john 4:11

that’s the theme for february here on FLT and one way to love those around us is to get dressed everyday. i mean seriously, this isn’t the garden of eden and we’re all very thankful to see each other clothed versus the alternative. am i right?

so speaking of getting all lovey-dovey up in here, let me tell you about something i LOVE right now. PATTERNS, PATTERNS and MORE PATTERNS!

here are a few ways to get patterns in your life without looking like your gram’s quilt. which, for the record, i have no problem with beings that my mom is an excellent quilter . ūüėČ love ya mama!

don’t be afraid to wear patterns on top:



i didn’t immediately fall in love with this top. it’s one of those that had to grow on me. it’s got muted colors (which i don’t necessarily love) and it’s more blousey than i’m used to. but it’s got great qualities! the pattern hides some tummy flaws and loves me anyways. it draws the focus to the pattern and not what’s underneath it.¬†definitely¬†what you want in a shirt, but not in a man.



the length, i love the length!
it’s hard to see but it’s got this ruffled layer that goes from the top, down across the body. this baby has some curves.



mixing patterns is so fun and refreshing: this outfit is full of love!



this is my i just wore a plaid shirt over a floral shirt with pink socks face.




these shirts weren’t meant for each other but when they locked eyes from across my closet, they couldn’t look away. they forced me to pair them up and i must say, they make a cute couple. awwww……love.



it was awkward at first, but the pink socks were whining and wanted some love. you don’t think they’re a third wheel do ya?



i love you guys and i love this community.

thanks for being great all the time!


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