Faith-based fashion


I’m big on the heart-things. The inner things. But see…the external things, such as how we talk, what we wear, and how we interact with others, are very often extensions of and expressions of the internal things.
The same is true with fashion, as it is an immediate expression of what we portray to the world. I like to call modest fashion “faith-based fashion” because I think ‘modest’ can have unfairly negative connotations in today’s world.  Faith-based fashion embraces the whole heart behind WHY we dress modestly. Instead of focusing on rules, I think about why we are called to dress modestly, and how dressing modestly is actually a privilege.

Our beauty does not come from outward adornment;

instead, it comes from Christ who created us, and shines through us.


But we still have to get dressed in the morning!  

I love to create relate-able beauty: fashion that sparks a conversation because it is accessible and inviting. This is the middle ground between brand-names (which might expose a heart focused on status instead of worth) and shapeless, colorless clothing (which may be a sign that we haven’t fully embraced our femininity in God).

I want women to embrace the fact that

we are free in Christ to express ourselves, our creativity,

and His beauty in our wardrobes,

so long as we do it with a heart towards glorifying Him.



Now, let’s take a look at the how and why:

For Ourselves
I’m sure you’ve noticed the effect that a new dress or a new pair of shoes can have on your confidence and mood. Looking good on the outside really affects our inner selves, and we hold ourselves a bit taller and we tend to smile a bit more when we’re wearing something that makes us feel good. This inner confidence shines a light and creates an approachable beauty that speaks of inner security.

For Our Sisters
Our younger sisters in Christ need examples of faith-based fashion that is modest and yet fashionable. Sometimes it seems like an impossible task to combine those two. The younger women are watching us, so being a role model with our clothing (on Sundays and every day) is a great way to minister.

For Our Brothers
While it is not solely our duty to protect our brothers in Christ from impure thoughts based on the way we dress, we can view our modest dressing as a privilege and a gift we offer to them.

For Unbelievers
Faith-based fashion makes a statement because it goes against so many of the current trends. It stands out and says “I choose to dress this way for a reason,” and people will be curious about that reason–inviting a conversation and starting friendships that can blossom into the sharing of God’s word.

What we wear on the outside is external, but it speaks of internal things. It doesn’t only affect what we see in the mirror–it affects what everyone around us unconsciously or consciously assumes about us. We’re human, and we tend to do that whole “judge a book by its cover” thing even though we all know the adage is don’t judge a book by its cover. What if instead of being judged negatively, we were creating curiosity? Have you ever noticed that complimenting someone is one of the fastest ways to start a conversation? I can’t tell you the number of times someone has complimented my outfit in line at the grocery store, post office, or airport, and we ended up chatting. Generously (and honestly) giving compliments and graciously receiving compliments is a great skill to cultivate.

We can get dressed with a sense of wanting to express God’s desire for our lives–that we are loved, and don’t need to show skin to receive confirmation of that; that we are serving our brothers and sisters by setting a good example; and that we strive to create an outfit that speaks of happiness, comfort, and relate-ability that open the door for conversations.


Can you imagine opening the doors to your closet every morning and thinking,

“Lord, let the clothes that I put on my body today honor You.”


What a powerful statement to start the day.



I’m Natalie.  Writer, baker, dreamer, inspire-r, happy girl who loves Jesus and wants to be your friend. Let’s be friends? I write about faith-based fashion & finding beauty in our everyday lives. I strive to gather as much “beautiful” as I can each day and share it with you :-)

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