Nailed It!

Last week, I had a baby!

And a stomach virus!

And two kids and a husband with a stomach virus!

And a trip to the ER!

And did I mention the new baby?

You know what I did not have last week?   TIME TO COOK.

So today, in the true spirit of “Woman v. Kitchen,” I’ve created a compilation of my favorite kitchen-related fails for your amusement.  I’m sure you’ve seen the classics, like this cookie monster cupcake:

cookie monster cupcake


And this Betty Crocker train cake:

train cake


But today’s assortment is inspired by the upcoming Easter holiday.  I hope you laugh as hard as I did, because I needed it, and maybe you do too.

At the bottom of this post, I’ll link to two fantastic recipes (both of which I’ve made before) that are perfect for taking to a mom with a new baby in the house.  If any of you live within driving distance of me, then yes, this is  hint.  Enjoy!

First, breakfast.  Eggs with a fancy twist are a perfect choice for Easter morning!

egg in basket


Mouthwatering, no?

Another fancy breakfast choice is potato pancakes.  Just throw some hash browns on a waffle iron – what could go wrong?

hash brown waffles


So maybe Easter breakfast was not the best.   Moving on.   What about these ridiculously ADORABLE bunny rolls???

devil bunnies


Oh my word, friends, I am rolling laughing at these bad bunnies – because if I tried to make bunny rolls to celebrate the risen Lord Jesus, you can bet mine would come out looking like devils.

What about these precious little deviled egg chicks?

deviled egg chicks


It’s a massacre!  The carnage!  Look away!

Let’s just jump right to dessert.  Sweet springtime sheep cupcakes!

sheep cupcake


MY WORD.  It looks like that terrifying mutant polar bear from LOST.

How about a fresh (pastel green) kiwi?  Dipped in chocolate?



Now, I’m no Barefoot Contessa, but I believe you overheated your chocolate there, sweetheart.


sugar cookie horse


The bison is a traditional Easter animal in some countries, right?  Right!?!?

Whew.  *wipes tears from eyes*  It’s good to know I’m not alone in my foibles in the kitchen.

On a more serious note, here are links to two recipes, both of which I’ve made exactly as they are written, that are fantastic to bring to a mom with a brand new little baby.

Ravioli Lasagna from Megan at Little Stirrings. (click here)

Green Enchilada Casserole from  (click here)

I also recommend lots of fresh fruit cut up, and a prepared salad.  After a few heavy meals of casseroles, I craved fresh, cold, and juicy foods after the birth of each of my children, but washing and cutting up fruit was too labor intensive and time consuming for the first couple of weeks.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!
Happy cooking!


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