Lord I Need You

Lord I Need You feature

My dad died the day after my son was born. He died of a brain tumor that we didn't even know he had until his brain exploded in seizure activity two weeks prior. I had to make the choice between being at one hospital with my family as my dad … [Read more...]

The Little Spider

The Little Spider

  I was cleaning one night after my husband went to bed and I encountered a spider. Of course, this spider was not of the normal size, it was quite a large spider when considered in the general context of our small abode. Then again its body … [Read more...]

100% Sure


Yesterday, I ended up in an online debate after Tweeting with the hashtag #creationdebate.  While Tweeting back and forth, I told more than one person that I am 100% sure there is a God.  It was a small proclamation of belief in the midst of a … [Read more...]