Bacon in the oven…


for years & years i have always made my bacon on the stove-top... patiently watching, flipping, draining the fat & waiting for the perfect strip of bacon to accompany my breakfast and some leftovers to add a salad or soup later on. it's not … [Read more...]

homemade egg noodles


It's been a long winter, yes? And it probably seems that one more pot of soup could be the end of your sanity. But I encourage you to give it one more go, with these homemade noodles. I use this recipe for any dish that calls for a … [Read more...]

Cold Weather Meals.

This past week it's been in the negatives. -12, -10, -3... and then we hit single digits... ...I'm referring to the temperature outside in the bitter chilly winter days in Upstate New York that we've experienced this past week. With two small kids, … [Read more...]