What the Gospel is really all about


NOTHING As silly as it may seem, this one word really explains it all. While the details are vital, this simple reflection can tie it all together, and truly connect us to every facet of God's great plan for His children.   In the … [Read more...]

homemade egg noodles


It's been a long winter, yes? And it probably seems that one more pot of soup could be the end of your sanity. But I encourage you to give it one more go, with these homemade noodles. I use this recipe for any dish that calls for a … [Read more...]

The Getaway

    one of the most amazing moments i've experienced as a Christian has been seeking solitude with only one goal in mind: to hear from God.   this summer, Fancy Little Things is fully embracing the beauty of adventure and what … [Read more...]


  this summer, while your afternoons are full of sunshine, slurpees and slip-and-slides, consider those who do not have the luxury of a day to play.  turn your faith into action by bringing the joy of the Lord to those in your area through … [Read more...]