When It’s All a Big Mess


I had a great idea to give you all a tour of my Mom Cave this month. But God had other ideas. It's not fit for a tour. It's crowded and chaotic and messy right now -- a perfect reflection of my heart and mind. These last weeks of school have … [Read more...]

My Five Favorite Decor Deals Sites

FLT 5 Fave decor sites

I wrote about this topic a couple of years ago and it's amazing how quickly the landscape of online decor shopping has changed!  There are so many, with new ones cropping up every day and many of them very similar.   Is it worth it to shop online … [Read more...]

Show the Love


February is upon us!  The month in which we celebrate love and all the forms it takes in our relationships.   We send cards, make treats, and in general show the love on that one day.  And some of us decorate our homes with reminders of the … [Read more...]

Home for the Holidays

Dearest friends, how wonderful to be back with the FLT family for a spell and especially during the holiday season!  When Danielle asked if I'd like to guest post, I leaped at the opportunity with ideas swimming in my brain for a wonderful post about … [Read more...]