Embracing a Simplistic Lifestyle


When people ask me how I am doing, my auto-pilot response is "busy". It's never a lie-- I am busy! With two kiddos, half of summer left, and things getting busier at my parents business, plus our recent move, this is one of the busiest times of year for us. I know I am not the only one that seems … [Read More...]

Lemonade Featured Image

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Lemonade all the things! Nothing says summer to me more than a good glass of lemonade. No, scratch that, it doesn't even need to be in a glass! I will take lemonade in just about any form! First things first. You need a great lemonade recipe! When in doubt, check with Ree! {Homemade … [Read More...]


Little Black Dress: Country Wedding Style

we're back today for a little LITTLE BLACK DRESS (LBD) love for a country style wedding or event. if you missed my intro... go check it out HERE & you'll see my styling ideas for attending an Elegant Wedding in your favorite LBD! JACKET: 1969 jean jacket by GAP HAIR: loose curls... one … [Read More...]


Little Black Dress: Wedding Style

last weekend i attended a gorgeous wedding in Columbus, Ohio. the week that led up to the wedding had me in a near panic attack thinking about what to wear. i tried to reason with myself over this "black dress faux pas" that black could not be worn to a wedding; especially to a wedding where i knew … [Read More...]


When It’s All a Big Mess

I had a great idea to give you all a tour of my Mom Cave this month. But God had other ideas. It's not fit for a tour. It's crowded and chaotic and messy right now -- a perfect reflection of my heart and mind. These last weeks of school have left me drained and wounded and utterly overwhelmed … [Read More...]


20 Creative Ways for Mom to Unwind

Is it summer yet in your side of the world? Here in South India, we're nearing the end of summer and it's been a long, hot one! When summer rolls around we make plans to keep our kids occupied outdoors, go on family vacations and just slow life down a bit. But life hardly slows down for us mothers, … [Read More...]


Gold Dipped Feather Earrings

So often I find that I can start believing the lies that the world tells me about myself.  I'm not enough, don't do enough, can't be enough.  It's in those times that I am reminded to seek refuge in God's word, soaking myself with His truths and trusting in His promises. He will cover you with his … [Read More...]


We Won’t Let Them Take Control

I am a mom of three daughters. Yes, all girls. Yes, potentially three weddings to pay for one day, as many dudes are quick to point out. (Ahem...maybe we'll just stress the cool concept of eloping!) I'm raising girls, who are "easy" as young kids but unbearable as teens. My husband is not looking … [Read More...]

desperate for marriage

Desperate for Your Struggling Marriage

My answering machine had two messages as I walked in.  Five boys were so loud with hungry lunch requests that I could barely hear the messages play back.  Through the noise, I heard the voice a woman.  I missed her name, but began to catch snippets as I pulled out lunch meat and juice boxes to calm … [Read More...]


a DIY party – & you’re the Host!

i love hosting parties. lots of them... i'll come up with a reason just to get a group of friends together for some memory creating, hours of laughing & a chance to make sweet little gift bags to go home with each guest. i'm a passionate DIY'er and i love to come up with a theme, a style, and … [Read More...]

Neutral Nails for Spring

My Favorite Neutral Nail Colors for Spring

Hi friends! Is it spring where you are? It's supposed to be where I am, but it snowed not far from my house today, so I'm about ready to throw things. I had to turn the heat on this morning! I can't even... Aimee's post last week about spring fashion must-haves got me thinking. I am a big fan … [Read More...]