Perfect Party Foods: Homemade Buttercream Frosting

Perfect Buttercream Frosting feature

Hi friends! I don't know why it took me so long, but I finally learned how to make buttercream frosting this summer!  I don't make a ton of cakes, so I've always just defaulted to the frosting in a can. It's always gross, and I'm always disappointed, so I decided to do something about it. This … [Read More...]


How to Wear Stripes

I love me a good stripe. It's a classic pattern that almost never gets old. However, some people are scared to wear them and honestly, I can't blame them. Stripes get a bad rap. If you wear them the wrong way, they make you appear bigger than you really are and WHO wants that? No one! Here's 5 … [Read More...]


Embracing a Simplistic Lifestyle

When people ask me how I am doing, my auto-pilot response is "busy". It's never a lie-- I am busy! With two kiddos, half of summer left, and things getting busier at my parents business, plus our recent move, this is one of the busiest times of year for us. I know I am not the only one that seems … [Read More...]


Refresh with Orange Cherry Water

I made some fresh lemonade a couple of weeks ago that my family and I enjoyed on the porch after doing some yard work.  We were hot and tired and the lemonade was so refreshing.  We were enamored with it's simple deliciousness and started dreaming up other drinks that we might enjoy.  We decided … [Read More...]


Respecting Your Husband: Making Him Feel Like #1

{Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.} This is the final post in a four-part series about Respecting Your Husband. We also talked about admiration, acceptance and appreciation. While it's true that most ladies want to feel special and loved, most men have an innate need to … [Read More...]


Respecting Your Husband: Appreciation

{Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon.} This is the third post in the four-part series Respecting Your Husband. We are also covering Admiration, Acceptance and Making Him Feel Like #1. It may seem like we have already been talking about appreciating our husbands by … [Read More...]


Respecting Your Husband: Acceptance

{Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link to the book.} This is the second post in the four-part Respecting Your Husband series. We're also covering admiration, appreciation, and making him feel like #1. Accepting your husband for who he is, is an important part of a healthy … [Read More...]


Respecting Your Husband: Admiration

{Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links to the books referenced.} Respecting Your Husband is a four-part series. We'll also look at: Acceptance, Appreciation, and Making Him Feel Like #1. Somewhat recently, I recalled an incident in my sixteen year marriage that was the height … [Read More...]

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My Summer Reading List

What is it about summer that just begs us to read good books? As the weather warms, I start stocking up on books I'll read as I sit by the baby pool in the backyard, in the passenger seat as we travel, and on our porch swing as my kids play late into the evening. I can't imagine a summer without … [Read More...]


How to Survive Moving

  Whew! The last couple of weeks around here have been a whirlwind! We moved! Nothing too outrageous-- literally only a few miles. The process itself is daunting no matter what distance you are moving. There's LOTS to think about-- so let's break down some of the important stuff to get … [Read More...]


Firewood to Furniture

The sweet and the savory.   Hard and soft.  Smooth and rough.  There is something magical that happens when opposites are brought together.  Firewood to furniture.  The rustic and unexpected compliments the smooth and modern when I introduced these little chairs to a log accent table.  Today I'm … [Read More...]