Being an Intentional Friend


I have learned a lot about friendship in the last 20-ish years of my life. I remember the clique phases of grade school, junior high, and high school. I know how hard it is to stay in touch with your high school friends when you attend different colleges. I know what's its like to make lifelong … [Read More...]


Faithful is He

Do you know those times...have you had those your walk with God when you're confronted with yourself? There isn't a major life circumstance necessarily. There's only deepening in relationship with Him, coming closer to His heart, closer to the Holy One. In coming closer, His holiness … [Read More...]


Give Thanks: Free Wallpaper Download

2 years ago I designed a sweet little Give Thanks printable download for free and was inspired this evening as we enter November and the month of Giving Thanks. please feel free to download the images below and place on your desktop as a simple reminder this month to Give Things in … [Read More...]

Dog Taught Me

What My Dog Taught Me About Life

A week ago today, I said good-bye to my first dog, Delia.  My husband and I drove all the way to North Carolina to get her the Fall after we were married.  She has been a fixture in our home, in our marriage, and in our family for 10 years.  I couldn't help this week but reflect on how much I'd … [Read More...]


Costumes in Your Closet

Hey there, friends! So, here is my dilemma. I like dressing up for Halloween, given the chance. I think it's fun! However, I don't really have the budget to go out and put together a costume. Even a trip to Goodwill can break the bank, depending on what you want to do, and why spend money on … [Read More...]

no status quo

There is No Status Quo in Marriage

There is really nothing in the world which flourishes with neglect. Not your house.  Not your kids.  Not your retirement accounts, or your friendships, or your rose bushes. And not your marriage. Trouble is, we often don't think we are neglecting our marriages.  We see each other.  We watch … [Read More...]


Learning to Be Still

Being still is not something that I am good at. I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend with a lot of hats to wear during the days, and taking time for me is hard. I like the hustle and bustle of life, I like to be busy, and I like to have a creative outlet. I like having places to go and plans on … [Read More...]

Chevron Tassel Statment Pendant

Chevron Tassel Stament Pendant

I'm taking rustic chic to fashion today with my chevron tassel statement pendant!  A combination of wood and antique brass with a modern twist to update any plain outfit.  Here's what you'll need to make your own: Antique brass chain in the following lengths:  32", three pieces that are 5", … [Read More...]


Learning To Embrace Singleness Through Brokenness, Identity, and Temptation

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. -Philippians 4:12 Being single is hard! Like anyone else I wish for things I do not have, … [Read More...]

Soups On Featured

Soup’s On! 5 yummy soups for Fall

Hi friends! As soon as the weather get's cool, I start craving soup! It's a tricky matter in my house because my husband is super picky about his soups. (Souper picky? No. Heather...just stop!) Broth based soups aren't filling enough for him. Basically it needs to immediately clog your arteries … [Read More...]


Mason Jar Light Fixture

This project was like canning sunshine!  What better way to add some farmhouse flair to my dining room than a mason jar light fixture.  Join me as I show you how! The materials that I used for this project are five 1x4x8 firring strips, six 1/2 gallon jars, four quart size jars, two of these … [Read More...]