What My Dog Taught Me About Life

Dog Taught Me

A week ago today, I said good-bye to my first dog, Delia.  My husband and I drove all the way to North Carolina to get her the Fall after we were married.  She has been a fixture in our home, in our marriage, and in our family for 10 years.  I couldn't help this week but reflect on how much I'd … [Read More...]


Pumpkin Paleo Style

I was walking through a store today and was greeted by an inviting, warm aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon, apple and spices. There was a display of the new air freshener scents for fall. Even though I think summer went by too fast and I'm not ready for fall and cooler weather to be upon us, those familiar … [Read More...]

Perfect Buttercream Frosting feature

Perfect Party Foods: Homemade Buttercream Frosting

Hi friends! I don't know why it took me so long, but I finally learned how to make buttercream frosting this summer!  I don't make a ton of cakes, so I've always just defaulted to the frosting in a can. It's always gross, and I'm always disappointed, so I decided to do something about it. This … [Read More...]


Carry Into Fall

Fall is on the horizon, and the trend I am seeing popping up a LOT is the leather tote bag. SO stunning, versatile, and classy! Here are a few of my favorites to get you inspired for your own... Deux Lux' Elle Tote Mamuye Tote Transport Tote The Perfect Tote From work to nights out, to … [Read More...]


Nailhead Farmhouse Table

As I prepared to, and while I was making this table, I prayed over it.  I prayed not only for it to be sturdy and look nice, but that it would host many, many hours of my family sitting at it.  That it would be a gathering place and the heart of my home.  That the relationships that are forged there … [Read More...]


The Declare Conference: What I Learned About Wild Obedience

I recently attended The Declare Conference in Dallas, Texas. This year's theme was Wild Obedience and those words really have been what God has been calling me into in the last year. First I want to tell you about last year.  Last July I found out about this conference and that a Literary Agent … [Read More...]


Lovely Wear: Fall Edition

oh sweet fall... how have you made it to NY so soon? my son said last week, "mom, i hope we can have at least 1 week of summer before school starts." with school just 2 weeks away, i am not sure he'll get his wish! it's been a rainy, chilly & sweater-like summer with very few days of warm, … [Read More...]

Beverage Bars Feature

Perfect Party Foods: Beverage Bars for All Seasons

Hi friends! How many of you have ever stood in the drink aisle at the grocery store wondering what to buy for a party. Wait, is 2 colas and a lemon lime enough? What about diet drinkers? Do that many people really like root beer? What if I end up with too much? What if I don't get enough? GAH! … [Read More...]


Rope Monogram Outdoor Decor

Do you have a metal barn star on your house?  Yeah, I did too.  I didn't even think about it for the last 10 years.  It served a purpose when I hung it so long ago-to give my house a little personality and a touch of color.  Something to catch your eye.  But my style has changed over the years.  It … [Read More...]


The 72 Hour Club: Keeping the Flow

Earlier this summer, I lost $400 in cash when a grocery-budget envelope escaped me.  I have no more details of its whereabouts than the fact that it was in my purse on Thursday when I did my grocery shopping and no longer there when I was at a store again on Saturday. There were a lot of days in … [Read More...]


Rustic & Chic Study Area

I have two daughters that are getting excited about starting school in three weeks.  As I check off the list of school supplies and we banter about wanting to dress more mature and what that will really mean, the homework struggle was brought back to memory. My girls will obediently sit down … [Read More...]