My Five Favorite Decor Deals Sites

FLT 5 Fave decor sites

I wrote about this topic a couple of years ago and it's amazing how quickly the landscape of online decor shopping has changed!  There are so many, with new ones cropping up every day and many of them very similar.   Is it worth it to shop online … [Read more...]

Pretty Little Calendar

  Happy New Year friends! I am forever losing track of time, always wondering what day it is and having responsibilities sneak up on me. Another calendar that I actually want to look at could only be helpful to me in this new year. I created this … [Read more...]

Home for the Holidays

Dearest friends, how wonderful to be back with the FLT family for a spell and especially during the holiday season!  When Danielle asked if I'd like to guest post, I leaped at the opportunity with ideas swimming in my brain for a wonderful post about … [Read more...]

Christmas at Home

  It happens to me every year.  About this time.   The bins of Christmas decor stacked in any available space.  The in-process crafts to "refresh" my Christmas decor covering the kitchen table... and the floor of my Mom Cave.  The growing to-do … [Read more...]

Make the Change…in Your Home

Hello, Fancy Friends!  I've spent some time thinking about our November theme and how I could apply it to our homes.  The idea of transformation and creation in our homes is pretty obvious in the home decor "world."   But I wanted to dig just a bit … [Read more...]