Lord I Need You

Lord I Need You feature

My dad died the day after my son was born. He died of a brain tumor that we didn't even know he had until his brain exploded in seizure activity two weeks prior. I had to make the choice between being at one hospital with my family as my dad … [Read more...]

All Things Through Christ

Phil. 4:13

  Good morning friends! I am new to FLT, and I am very excited to be here! I have a confession, I really wanted this post to blow your minds, but as I sat down to write, I realized that even in the simple verses, God shines His light. In … [Read more...]

The Little Spider

The Little Spider

  I was cleaning one night after my husband went to bed and I encountered a spider. Of course, this spider was not of the normal size, it was quite a large spider when considered in the general context of our small abode. Then again its body … [Read more...]

100% Sure


Yesterday, I ended up in an online debate after Tweeting with the hashtag #creationdebate.  While Tweeting back and forth, I told more than one person that I am 100% sure there is a God.  It was a small proclamation of belief in the midst of a … [Read more...]


{via} I admit it - I have a lot of fears. I fear little things, like spiders. I also have some bigger fears, like identity theft. I have some pretty huge fears, like my loved ones being hurt.   Sometimes all these fears, the little ones, the … [Read more...]

abiding in Christ

"Christ, the Perfect Lover as well as perfect love, is longing and knocking to come within and to fill us to overflowing with this love, righteousness and justice. So as we receive the Lover and His love and give His love to all, we become loving; … [Read more...]